Do we spray our posies with perfume?

Naturally fragrant!

We find ourselves in a world filled with artificial fragrances and artificial flowers. Sometimes even our posies are mistaken for being artificial! I have decided to take this as a compliment as it must be they are just too perfect-looking to be true!

This week, our posies are so fragrant, I was asked if we sprayed them with perfume. It's an absolute 'no', but it does highlight how easy we can forget just how amazing the natural world can be.

Top of the pops for fragrance, in my opinion, is the sweet peas and especially our homegrown ones. We hope you enjoy the fabulous fragrance of our sweet peas in this posy and, rest assured, they haven't been anywhere near any artificial chemicals or fragrances!

What's in the posy?

Sweet pea, scabious, sweet william, tanacetum, cornflower, love in a mist, veronica, pittosporum, currant, phacelia, eucalyptus, snapdragon, allium, pink.

What's scented?

Sweet pea, eucalyptus, pink.