About us

MeadowSweet was created by Sophie Townsend, a talented florist, who feels that everyone should have the opportunity to be close to beautiful, natural flowers. Sophie's background in Ecology fuels her interest in natural, seasonal arrangements that capture the essence of the outdoors to bring people closer to nature and the joy of the seasons.

MeadowSweet is based in Southbourne in Bournemouth, Dorset and is in its first year of operation.

MeadowSweet's team are: 

 MeadowSweet - Sophie

Sophie - Founder, CEO, CFO (Chief Flower Officer).

Sophie looks after getting your great flowers and arranging them nicely for you.  All the fun stuff really.  To be fair though she does look at strategy and supplier arrangements so, some dull stuff.  If you'd like to contact Sophie her email address is: sophie@meadowsweet.co.uk


 MeadowSweet - Mark

Mark - CTO, COO.  

Mark looks after the operational aspects of the business, everything from the website to payments to marketing.  All the dull stuff really.  If you'd like to contact Mark his email address is: sam@meadowsweet.co.uk (not a typo).