British, seasonal flowers in flower subscription posy

A bit like 'Ribena'


Ribes, the flowering currant is back again, yippee! 'Ribena' is loosely named after blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) whereas the ones in this week's posy are Ribes sanguineum, the 'blood red' redcurrant. It's a great addition to a garden or park at this time of year as it's one of the first to flower and enjoyed by many a hungry bee. We've also got Pieris japonica for a change - a 'lily of the valley' looking flower. This week is full of texture from flowering rosemary, viburnum and pieris and strong colours from Cornish ranunculus with a touch of drama from the chocolate pittosporum.

Each posy has a bright red ranunculus in honour of Red nose day. Perhaps you might catch some of the programme on the TV tonight.

What's in the posy?

Pieris japonica, flowering currant, narcissi, rosemary, ranunculus, tulip, alder bud, pittosporum, box.

What's scented?

Rosemary, flowering currant.

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