About Us

MeadowSweet was launched in 2016 by Sophie Townsend from her home studio in Bournemouth, Dorset. Her mother is head gardener and her husband is in charge of everything technical.

Sophie's mother taught her to love nature and she spent a lot of time outdoors growing up. Her interest in nature led her to study Ecology and Biodiversity at university, before moving to New Zealand to work as a florist and in animal conservation.

Returning to the UK, she worked for the Conservation Department of the Zoological Society of London for nine years and achieved a Masters in Sustainable Development. She had a wedding flower business in London before moving to the coast, where she decided to combine her love of nature with her love of flowers to create MeadowSweet.

Sophie enjoys the challenge of using British seasonal flowers and foliage, and believes this makes for authentic, honest arrangements that encourage us to admire and connect with nature, and therefore to care about it.

Sophie uses 100% British flowers and foliage for her bouquets and posies, using only what is available locally and seasonally. This eliminates air-miles and helps to keep a low carbon footprint. As well as supporting large-scale British growers, she uses smaller independent growers and grows her own.

MeadowSweet works hard to be as sustainable as possible. For packaging we use recycled paper, brown kraft paper, bio-film stickers and cardboard with >80% recycled content. Our posy jars are British-made with >40% recycled content. Currently, our bouquet jars are imported. We collect and reuse packaging from regular customers, compost green waste, and plant lots of bee-friendly plants in our gardens!

If you'd like to find out what our customers say about us, please click on the following link to view testimonials.

Sophie Townsend, Owner of MeadowSweet