British late summer flower posy UK delivery

A load of bull!

Six years in and I’m still finding new ingredients to use! This week we’ve got beautiful bulrushes for the first time, thanks to a lovely local pond-owning MeadowSweetie. These ones are so dainty that they make a great addition the arrangement. It’s a useful plant if you have to fend for yourself as all parts can be eaten or ground into flour or even sugar. A type of water-loving sedge, it is said to have been used to make baby Moses’ basket. 

Alongside the bulrushes are some other seasonal firsts such as the homegrown pampas and miscanthus grass. There’s also helichrysum and so a few ingredients you could dry and enjoy for longer. 

What’s in the posy?

Aster, bulrush, pampas grass, miscanthus grass, alstroemeria, carnation, lisianthus, pittosporum, dill, sedum, helichrysum, choisya.

What’s scented?

dill, carnation, choisya. 

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