A-Z of Flowers

From Antirrhinums...

(aka snapdragons) to Zinnias in this week's posy. 
This is the first time I've used zinnia this year. Although ours have been flowering for some time, they weren't too happy about all the hot, dry weather we had. These bright yellow zinnia have come out since the rain and were grown in Hampshire.They compliment the other yellows and contrasting purples in the arrangement.
Zinnia are an unusual bloom with hollow stems which makes them a little fragile, and they come in a mouth-watering array of vivid colours. For a more subtle option, there are number of newer varieties, such as 'Queen lime blush', that have muted hues. Zinnias can provide a burst of mid-late summer colour in the garden and are a favourite of butterflies (and hummingbirds if you have any!).

We're running a Facebook competition at the moment to win a Year of Posies, so thank you to those that have entered and do keep a look out for it in your 'feed'.

What's in the posy?

Zinnia, snapdragon, sunflower, limonium, tanacetum, box, salal, mint, miscanthus grass, marigold, phlox, ivy.

What's scented?

Marigold, mint, tanacetum.