Are flower subscriptions worth it?

Flowers have been exchanged as gifts ever since the Ancient Egyptian times. They are given in celebration of a special occasion, to make someone feel happier and cared for, to lift spirits in illness or after a bereavement and as a symbol of love and affection. 

Flower bouquets are given as a one-off gesture and to provide instant joy and impact to the recipient. A flower subscription is different as the recipient continues to receive flowers at regular intervals for a set period of time or from that point onwards. Typically it best suits someone who is a "real flower-lover". 

The great thing about a flower subscription is that it is a thoughtful way to show ongoing affection for the recipient from the giver. It is a regular, visual reminder that they care and are thinking of them. I think that buying someone a flower subscription is well suited to someone who cannot see their loved one as often as they would like. Perhaps due to distance or the fact that the loved one is in a care home for example. In these situations, the flowers help to bridge the gap until the giver and recipient can see each other again. 

Many people choose to buy a flower subscription for themselves. This way they know they will always be surrounded by beautiful flowers. It's also empowering because you're not waiting (often in vain in my experience!) for someone else to buy you some!

A benefit of a truly seasonal flower subscription is that the recipient can enjoy the changing flower mix as the seasons go by, thus connecting them closer to nature. This is also great if someone can't get outside as often as they'd like, if they are no longer able to enjoy long walks or to tend their beloved gardens.

A Harvard study revealed that people with flowers in the home felt more compassion towards others, had less worry and anxiety, and felt less depressed. They even found that being around fresh flowers helped to increase focus and memory. These all sound like very good reasons to me to start enjoying your own flower subscription!

If you'd like to consider a MeadowSweet flower subscription with 100% British flowers, take a look at our subscriptions page.