American beauty British chrysanthemum and other British, seasonal flowers and foliage in this flower subscription posy

Big bloomers

Berried privet adds a touch of drama to the posies this week. These young matt black berries are from wild privet, a UK native species. The berries are a useful winter food for thrushes and other birds, but are poisonous to humans.

Garden privet is similar-looking and was introduced from Japan. It became very popular as a boundary hedging after the Government in 1941 requisitioned post-1850s iron railings for the war effort. It is still popular today as it is hardy to grow and easy to prune.

The dark berries are a pleasing contrast to the stunning 'American beauty' chrysanthemum in the posies. These blooms are from a quality grower in Suffolk. As you may have noticed, we've slightly expanded our 'British-grown' criterion this week to include some fabulous eucalyptus grown in Ireland.

It's possible to order a subscription starting on Jan 6th 22 on our website (you can stop after any length of time). I can also send you out one of our special subscription gift cards so you have something nice to give on Christmas Day.

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