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British gypsophila is back in season!

Welcome back gypsophila, aka baby's breath! I didn't know it was part of the carnation family till just now - always learning! Often the choice for a country wedding, these mini flowers can add a spot of magic to any arrangement.

In the 1990s a sprig of 'gyp' with a single red rose was a popular gift (especially by the navy guys who came to the flower shop where I worked. They'd also get me to compose their messages for them, incidentally). Now it is more likely to be used all by itself for bridesmaid bouquets in a big fluffball. You have to be a hardened florist to use it that way, as most of the lower stems need to be snipped off to get the shape right.

The flowers from the plot are coming thick and fast at the moment so all but the peony, astrantia and stock are homegrown this week. Next week is British Flower Week so if you're looking to buy flowers, why not choose British grown. British seasonal flowers have been found to have a 90% lower carbon footprint than airfreighted imported blooms. We delivery across the UK or find a local grower to you on the Flowers from the Farm collective website.

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