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Ho, ho ho, homegrown

Homegrown and full of fragrance

There's a lot going on in the garden at the moment and we've got another 100% homegrown posy with a whopping 16 different ingredients. Our flowers and foliage are grown by Mum in Surrey, me in Dorset and from the plot in Hampshire! This is also the most fragrant posy this year with six fragrant ingredients including homegrown sweet peas and lavender.

I'm including flower food sachets again in the local boxes today and would be grateful to hear how you're getting on with them and whether you welcome this addition. They're not everyone's cup of tea but these are the most 'eco' ones you can get and they do help to extend the life of cut flowers and keep the water clearer. These sachets are enough to treat 1l water so at the moment you must only add half a sachet when you change the water. You can keep the other half to change the water again and the flowers will thank you for it.

What's in the posy?

Hydrangea, larkspur, alstroemeria, lavender, marjoram, campanula (Canterbury bell), love in a mist, alchemilla mollis, sweet william, phlox, viburnum, feverfew, clary sage, wheat, sweet pea, lemon verbena.

What's fragrant?

Sweet william, phlox, sweet pea, lavender, marjoram, lemon verbena.

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