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British rosehips

Rosehips are a great seasonal addition to the posies and these ones have been carefully cultivated in Lincolnshire. Their bright red fruits can be found in hedgerows in the autumn and are edible raw or cooked and prized for their high Vitamin C, E and B content and other antioxidants. Comparing them weight for weight, rosehips contain at least 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges! It is said the wild dog rose has the most tasty hips. If you forage for rosehips that haven't been sprayed with anything nasty, you could make them into a healthy cold-busting tea.

As we get further towards winter we can enjoy some of the varied foliages around and these posies include five different types of foliage, four of which have scent. With a hot summer and mild autumn, this year's foliage leaves have taken a long time to harden up. We are only recently able to use our pittosporum and eucalyptus in the posies after a long gap since the Spring.

Treat yourself to a MeadowSweet posy! Every week is a brand new composition using the best of what's in season.

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