British tulips

Perfect love!

Season's greetings from the new tulips! These are the first of this year's crop and have been grown hydroponically (peat-free and low carbon) in Norfolk. Tulips are well known to grow outdoors in Spring but can be encouraged to flower earlier under glass.

It's fair to say that British flowers can be a little harder to come by in the winter months, so we're delighted when there's a new crop and, even better, when it arrives just in time for Christmas. The pale pink tulips compliment our fabulous pollen-free roselilies from Lincolnshire. These roselilies are full of fragrance as they open and you'll find other seasonal smells from the pine, eucalyptus, rosemary and the cinnamon stick which can be tied round the jar.

Christmas is a great time to start a British flower subscription for the best mum in the world or an extra-special loved-one. Why not take a look at our subscription page to find out more.