British winter flower subscription service

Caring for your posy

Because we care

With real flowers, a little extra care makes all the difference. To get the best out of your posy, display somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. Water should be changed to ensure the stems always have fresh water to drink, at least when the water's cloudy, but every day if you're a keenie!

It's also good to recut stems every few days with sharp scissors or secateurs. The exception to this rule is narcissi (mini daffs). The sap from their stems can sometimes affect the vase life of other flowers so I try not to recut these ones at all!

It's also essential to clean your jar well after use with bleachy water and a good brush to remove any build up of bacteria on the inside.

Not all flowers are created equal. Some might shine brightest but fade quicker than others, others might go on for ages. In supermarkets, blooms have been selectively grown to prolong vase life, often at the expense of fragrance, variety and excitement! We ensure our flowers are as fresh as they can be but above all we choose excitement!

Weekly flower subscription service

Weekly customers get to follow the seasonal changes and enjoy the full range of flowers on offer throughout the year. Having flowers regularly means you are always surrounded by fresh flowers. 

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