Common broom

It's not often that I include Common broom (Cytisus sp.) in the posies. Broom is a shrub from the pea family and has a short flowering season, but, lucky for us, it's in flower now! There's a lot of folklore linked with broom and its association with witches. An 'old wives' tale says it's bad luck to sweep the floor using flowering broom (as a broom!) in May. Seeing as its April, I think we'll be alright bringing broom into the home - just go easy on the Spring cleaning to be on the safe side! 

This white variety has been supplied by a local 'Flowers from the Farm' grower called Spindle Flowers in Dorset. They also supplied us with some superb hellebores.

Now that Spring is in full swing, we are starting to pick from our own plot too. It's so nice to be outside with everything coming to life and the birds singing away. The posies include our beautiful 'Charming lady' double tulips in soft pink and peachy hues. We also have wonderful 'Columbus' tulips and ranunculus from Smith & Munson, in Lincolnshire.

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