Cornish ranunculus

March sees the start of this year's ranunculus season, yippee! So lovely to see these beauties again. These ones are grown under glass in Cornwall, so they've had a head start. Expect British outdoor ranunculus to be a good few weeks behind. These gentle pinks and corals are a favourite colour combo for brides as they are complimentary but have a contemporary feel at the same time.

It's been a difficult time for me and my family as we lost my dad in January. Flowers have played an important part in the process and I enjoyed arranging flowers for his cremation and memorial services. Flowers are a visual and public way to express feelings, shared emotions and gratitude. Dad's favourite flower was always clematis, so I sourced some of those from Italy for his casket arrangement. For his memorial service I was able to use a wide selection of what is growing out and about locally, plus ingredients from where he grew up, from favourite walks, and from my parents' garden.