Doing the right thing


We think all businesses have a moral duty to operate as sustainably as possible. At MeadowSweet, it's essential for us to keep evaluating what we do and make improvements as we go along. We have thought about the environmental, social and economic impacts of every aspect of our business and here's what we do currently and why...

1. We use homegrown, and 100% British ingredients. Why? Because we like local, seasonal flowers, and we don't want to use flowers with a large carbon footprint associated with air miles. We like to team up with other local Flowers from the Farm growers where possible and would love to get involved with local community growing projects.

2. We use glass jars for our posies. Why? Because they look nice, they are made in Britain with >33% recycled content, and because they are easy to collect, clean and use many times over.

3. We use unbleached, uncoated, >80% recycled content brown boxes and kraft paper wrapping. Why? Because we think natural looks best, we can reuse the boxes, and we don't want to send flowers in packaging that can't be recycled.

4. We use biocellophane to hold transportation gel or water around our large bouquet stems. Why? Because we always like our flowers to have a drink and biocellophane better than plastic. Even so, we try to minimise its use.

5. We sometimes use clay-based transportation gel if our flowers need to go on a longer journey. This is an inert natural product that keeps flowers hydrated and it can be safely washed down the sink.

6. We use biofilm stickers on our wrapping. Why? Because they are compostable. However, we are still using plastic-coated stickers on the bottom of posy jars at the moment because we haven't found an alternative that stays on nicely when we wash the jars!

7. We deliver locally on Fridays. Why? Because we run MeadowSweet alongside running a family so being open every day doesn't suit at the moment. We try to plan our delivery route in an efficient way to carry out our deliveries using the shortest route. We don't tend to send flowers UK-wide as we prefer to know where they've been and how they've been handled until the moment you get them. We currently have a diesel car for deliveries. On our wish list is an electric delivery van.