Flowers for Ukraine, Spring British blue and yellow flower posy

Flowers for Ukraine

How can I help Ukraine with flowers?

Blue for the sky and yellow for the fields of wheat, Ukraine's flag is colourful and distinctive. With the crisis in Ukraine continuing and with your help, I have decided to dedicate another posy week to support the humanitarian crisis. I will create a blue and yellow British flower posy for delivery date June 10th 2022. As before, all proceeds will go to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

In February, the blue and yellow British flower posy featured daffodils, mimosa, tulips and blue hyacinth. I'll have to get my thinking cap on as to what best summer flowers to use. Maybe cornflowers, iris, delphiniums, sunflowers... We'll just have to see what's ready for picking that week!

If you'd like to receive or send a posy in support of Ukraine, please select the delivery date of 10th June 2022 from our website when ordering a single posy. This date is available to select now. Do share this with friends if you think they might also be interested in supporting those in need of emergency food and supplies at this time. Thank you.

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