Hand-picked flowers for you!

Everything is bursting into bloom in this heat on the plot and all but the peonies this week have been grown by us. Our flower of the week is the honeysuckle. Not such a looker perhaps, but this climbing plant has a wonderful sweet fragrance to enhance any posy or garden. The scent is strongest at night-time to attract pollinating moths. It grows in woodlands in North America and Europe and is regarded as an invasive species outside its original range. There are over 180 species of honeysuckle in the genus Lonicera.

The flowers are edible but the berries can cause sickness, so don't eat those! Honeysuckle flowers are used inside cat toys, so it's safe to see if your cat likes the smell of it too.

Ingredients includes: rose, peony, sweet william, apple mint, feverfew, choisya, salvia, lavender, astrantia, currant, corn.