British Spring flower posy

Happy Holidays

Two types of hyacinth

This is the time when grape hyacinth are in flower. Their cobalt blue can brighten up a corner of the garden. At the last minute, I also added a touch of Diosma hirsuta to the posies to add extra texture and interest. This is a handy garden shrub from the Cape of Africa with dainty whitish flowers and is otherwise known as "breath of heaven".

Now we are in the Easter holidays, if you're lucky enough to be going away, you can pause your subscription online or why not ask me to redirect the delivery with a message to surprise a friend!

With Good Friday coming up, next week's delivery will be on Thursday 14th April.

What's in the posy?

Hyacinth, hellebore, Sir Winston Churchill narcissi, brachyglottis, ozothamnus, box, grape hyacinth, salal, diosma hirsuta.

What's fragrant?

Hyacinth, Sir Winston Churchill narcissi.

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