British flower subscription posy featuring homegrown winter flowers

Hellebores and snowflakes

Homegrown Winter flowers

As we head away from Winter and towards Spring it's satisfying to create a homegrown posy (everything except the hyacinth!). We've got homegrown hellebores, snowflake, winter honeysuckle, daffodils and forsythia. 

Busy in the garden, we've put a couple of rows of nigella seeds in, trimmed back the ivy and put lots more leaf mould in and around the shrubs. The good thing about our sandy soil is it's great drainage, the bad thing is it needs lots of organic matter to keep it tip top. All this rain will help it all wash in nicely.

What's in the posy?

Forsythia, hellebore, winter honeysuckle, euonymus, hyacinth, snowflake, rosemary, box, viburnum, daffodil.  

What's fragrant?

Winter honeysuckle, hyacinth, rosemary.

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