Hello hellebores!

We're so lucky to have a British cut flower hellebore grower! These hellebores are the first of the season and have been grown under glass in Norfolk. Our garden hellebores are just starting to come out now too which is nice. In a month of low light levels and what seems like endless rain, the beauty of these hellebores can give us all a little hope for the Springtime.

As you may know, the main hellebore flower is made up from sepals rather than petals - a bit like a hydrangea. Typically the 'petals' are found in the centre of the flower and are actually vessel-shaped and called 'nectaries'. However, with these double hellebores, the extra inner flowers are achieved by modifying some of these nectaries.

Hellebores can absorb water from their whole bodies. If you have a floppy hellebore it can often be revived by recutting the stem, scoring a line up the stem with a knife and submerging it right up to the flower head in water.

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