Hiya hyacinths!

The true blue of the lovely hyacinth is a welcome sight as we look forward to the Springtime. This spectacular showy bulb has been grown under glass and has a rich, familiar fragrance. Outdoors it flowers around March-time and it's a popular choice for a flower bed. As well as blue, hyacinths come in a wide range of colours including white, peach, orange, yellow, pink, red and purple.

In Greek mythology, two gods, Apollo and Zephyr, both fell for a handsome young prince called Hyakinthos (or Hyacinthus). Apollo was teaching Hyakinthos how to throw a discus and Zephyr looked on jealously. Hyakinthos threw the discus and Zephyr, who was a wind god, blew it back hitting Hyakinthos on the head and killing him. A flower bloomed out of his spilt blood and Apollo named the flower hyacinth in his honour.

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