Homegrown British flowers

It's British Flower Week

This is the week when florists around the country buy locally-grown flowers instead of the imported blooms that typically make up 90% of their purchases. Not so at MeadowSweet of course, where every week is a British flower week!

This week we're showcasing our skills and using 100% homegrown flowers in all our posies. With so much sunshine and showers everything is bursting into flower! For us, 'homegrown' means that our ingredients may be from Surrey from mum's garden, from Dorset from my garden and from just over the border into Hampshire from our plot.

I'm including flower food in the boxes today. This can be used when you are changing the water. Changing the water is especially necessary with all the hot weather we've been having as flowers will be thirsty and water will get cloudy quicker. The important thing to remember is that you only need to add half a sachet. A full posy jar is only 500ml and the sachet is enough for two water changes so keep half to change again and your flowers will love you for it.

P.S. If you are a cat owner, your kitty might show an interest in the flowering catnip in the posy, so you might like to pull that out to give to them.

What's in the posy?

Campanula (Canterbury bell), love in a mist, alchemilla mollis, privet, pittosporum, sweet william, rose, astrantia, catnip, phlox, hydrangea.

What's fragrant?

Rose, phlox, sweet william, catnip.

If you love British flowers as much as we do, why not order a single posy for a friend or treat yourself to a little bunch of happiness.