How do I care for my cut flowers?

Looking after your British flower posy

It's not rocket science, but a little bit of care can help your flowers last twice as long...

If your flower stems have arrived in gel or are dry-tipped, the stems will need to be recut. A nice sharp cut at the bottom will enable water to travel up the stem easily, a bit like a straw, to rehydrate the flower at the top. If you're scissors or secateurs aren't up to cutting woody stems, then just cut the fleshy ones.

There's one exception to the recutting rule and that's daffodils. These Welsh favourites emit a sticky sap to the water that other flowers don't like very much, especially tulips and freesias. When mixed with other flowers, I try not to recut narcissi and daffodils to minimise the amount of sap they give off.

If you're stems are long enough and you take the job of Flower Friend seriously, you can recut them every few days to prevent bacteria from clogging up the xylem and phloem 'straws' so that water can get to the flowers. Whenever you cut them, cut underwater or try to get stems back into water as quickly as you can, so that air bubbles don't get trapped in the stem.

Other than recutting the stems, the most important thing you can do to care for your flowers is to keep your water clean. Change the water every couple of days or whenever it starts to look cloudy. If you have flower food, add this each time.

Use the correct quantity of flower food for the size of the jar. Our posy jars are 500ml so only need half the sachet of flower food provided for a water change. Save the other half for next time! Our 99% bio-based flower food contains natural sugars and acids to increase the uptake of nutrients and keep the water bacteria-free. This flower food has been found to increase vase-life by 60%. Not to be sniffed at!

Always place your flowers somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight to prevent overheating and wilting.

Don't forget to give your jars a really good clean after use. This is often where we slip up! Use lemon juice or a drop of bleach and washing up liquid and give them a good scrub in warm water. Our jars can also go in the dishwasher, ribbon and all. 

When it's time to throw away dead flowers (if you don't want to dry them or put them in a flower press, of course!) a garden compost heap is ideal. Otherwise, they can go into a garden waste collection bin. Without either of these options, they can go into the general waste or the food waste bin if they can be chopped up a bit. (Councils don't tend to advertise the food waste option though, as they end up getting people chucking out whole pot plants, including the pots, in there!).

Fresh flowers make us happy, reduce stress levels, can even improve our memory and make us feel more sociable. Our British flower posies are a lovely way to remind someone special how much we love them throughout the year. British flowers are the best eco-friendly choice as they produce 90% lower carbon emissions compared with imported blooms. Starting a regular MeadowSweet flower subscription means you can always enjoy our real, seasonal, soulful flowers. So, what are you waiting for? "Let Nature In" with a MeadowSweet flower subscription now!