How much is a flower subscription?

How much does a flower subscription cost?

In the last five years or so the flower subscription market has gone bananas. I first thought of the idea for flower subscriptions in 2014 while receiving a weekly meal box from Hello Fresh. It seemed to me the concept might work for flowers as well as for food although I preferred the idea of the flowers being a 'meals on wheels' concept where the arrangements were delivered ready to display rather than requiring arrangement at home. Like all good ideas, I wasn't the only one thinking about flower subscriptions! Freddie from Freddie's Flowers was also looking into it around this time, having worked previously at Abel and Cole, and Bloom and Wild started offering their letterbox flowers as a subscription option not long after. Now, of course, if you search for flower subscriptions online, you are spoilt for choice with so many options out there!

I often wish we didn't have to pay for flowers at all seeing as they are nature's wonderful gift to us! Still, there are lots of costs associated with developing new varieties, growing flowers, transporting flowers and selling and arranging flowers so, spoiler alert, flowers tend to be quite expensive and thought of as a luxury item. In recent years costs, especially of imported flowers, have soared due to fuel increases and supply chain issues relating to Brexit and the pandemic.

A lot of the big companies offering flower subscriptions have a range of products and prices. I will attempt to summarise some of the big players with what they are known for and how much they cost. I have added MeadowSweet to the list for comparison.

Bloom and Wild: A multi-million pound business, their letterbox subscription flowers ask the customer to choose from either a 'timeless' or a 'standout' flower style. Their flowers arrive out of water in the post, with information about them and are for the customer to arrange. Boxes cost £25 with UK delivery (as at 2022). 

Freddie's Flowers: This successful business source flowers from Britain, Holland and further afield. They have recently expanded their business from the UK into Germany and Holland. Each week is a new flower mix and their flowers arrive out of water, with information about them and instructions for the customer to arrange flowers. Boxes cost £25 with UK delivery (as at 2022).

Flowerbx: This company is unusual in that it sells only single variety bunches. It offers year round 'seasonal' peony, tulip, hydrangea and rose subscriptions. Its 'classic' subscription is £40 per delivery and the first order is sent with a vase (as at 2022).

Arena: Arena buy from the Dutch flower market and they plant two mangrove trees for every delivery. You can choose an 'ethical' or a 'pet friendly' subscription bouquet to be delivered for £25 with UK delivery (as at 2022). Their flowers arrive out of water, with information about them and are for the customer to arrange. 

Serenata: This company offers three sized subscription packages: 'happiness', 'delight' and 'euphoria', the cheapest being 'happiness' at £29.99 (as at 2022). The flowers are arranged and the first delivery comes with a free vase.

MeadowSweet: MeadowSweet uses 100% British flowers and foliage throughout the year. Ingredients are homegrown, from Flowers from the Farm growers and from larger UK flower growers. Flower stems are sent in gel to keep them hydrated. Posies arrive arranged, with information about them, and ready to display in the glass jar provided. Box costs £25 including UK delivery (as at 2022).

What our customers say...

"We have used a few different online flower subscriptions before and found that they are nowhere near the quality of Meadow Sweet. The flowers are always fresh and long-lasting, the variety means there is always a new/unusual/surprising flower in amongst the beautiful bouquets and the interesting notes about the contents of each delivery are great. Would highly recommend for regular deliveries or one-off special occasions." (Sam M)

I have been so blown away by my posies! So original, so beautiful and so full of fragrance! The fact that it is all plastic free and local really means a lot to me too. I'm looking forward to many more posies! (Amanda T)