Ingredients sheet

Locally sourced ingredients

We are proud to do things differently at MeadowSweet, and our Friday posies go out with their own ingredients sheet. Each week our flowers are lovingly arranged and delivered complete with information about what's inside and where it's been grown (printed on 100% recycled paper of course!). Our customers find it informative and educational to see how many different, fragrant and unusual British ingredients we manage to pack into our arrangements throughout the year.

What's in the posies?

Typically, our posies have at least ten different ingredients and our sheet will tell you what they all are and where in the UK they have been grown. 

What's fragrant?

All fragrant or scented flowers and foliage are identified on the sheet with a pollinating bee symbol. This helps you to know where best to direct your nose!

If you'd like to try us out and check out our posies with their information sheet, you can order a single posy on our website for a Friday delivery.