It's a frosty one!

It's wonderful to find a shrub in flower at this time of the year, and the delicate white or pink flowers of the laurustinus or Guelder rose (Viburnum tinus), add a great texture and sprinkle of colour to the posies. This is also a wonderful shrub to have in the garden if you have the space for it. It typically can grow in sun or shade, has vigorous growth and evergreen leaves and is a great choice for a boundary, providing winter interest with its clusters of flower balls.

In some varieties of Viburnum tinus, the flowers are followed by vivid metallic blue berries which are thought to attract the birds that feed on them. Scientists have discovered that the berries reflect blue light in a similar way to that of peacock feathers. There are many other varieties of Viburnum and some are highly scented and flower at other times of the year.