It's also known as goatweed!

British Hypericum

You know it's approaching late Summer when the hypericum berries appear. Hypericum is commonly known as St Johns Wort because it flowers around 24th June - the feast day for St John the Baptist. St Johns Wort has been used for centuries as a herbal treatment for anxiety and depression and it is also used to heal burn wounds! This new season green hypericum has been grown in Lincolnshire where they also grow coral, red and brown varieties.

All the ingredients except for the hypericum and lilies are homegrown from our Hampshire plot and our Surrey and Dorset gardens.


What's in the posy?

Lily, hypericum, sedum, pink, rosemary, rose-scented geranium, pittosporum, aster, currant.

What's scented?

Lily, pink, rosemary, rose-scented geranium.

What's British?

All of it!