It's part of the carrot family!

What's my Flower of the Week?

I've decided to start selecting my Flower of the Week but I'm already spoilt for choice as there's lots of new faces in the posy this week. Pinks are in season and appear for the first time, as does white gypsophila and agapanthus. However, I'm going to plump for Eryngium as my first flower of the week (a polite round of applause please).

Some of you may know this blue thistle-like flower as 'sea holly' (Eryngium maritimus) as it grows wild in coastal areas of the UK. This carrot family member also has a lesser known native whitish-green variety, the 'field eryngo' (Eryngium campestre) which is rare and persists predominantly in a handful of protected sites in South East England.
 There are a number of eryngium cultivars and the one in the posy is very distinctive with its purple and green clusters. It's grown in Lincolnshire and is called 'purple stars'.

I've recently been working on my business development skills so you might notice one or two changes going forward. The most important one of course is that you can now order flowers for Mainland UK and spread the joy of British flowers a little wider!

What's in the posy?

Scabious, chocolate pittosporum, alchemilla mollis, pink, salal, cornflower, phlox, love in a mist, eryngium, perennial pea, sweet pea, agapanthus, oat, gypsophila, ivy, choisya.

What's fragrant?

Sweet pea, phlox, gypsophila, pink.