Just peachy!


It's lovely to have the ranunculus back in season. This cultivated buttercup is packed full of petals and a welcome sign that Spring is on its way. The pink and peachy tones neatly compliment the two tone snapdragon and tulip, and we have fragrance from winter honeysuckle and narcissi. 

After a windy week, it's time to tidy up any broken branches in the garden. Mum's been burning them and using the ash in the garden for its potassium content. We've been trimming shrubs, and spreading leaf mould around the bulbs to help them put grow nice and big for next year. Mum's also moving some of our gypsophila plants from the garden over to our new plot to join the others. 

What's in the posy?

Ranunculus, snapdragon, narcissi, tulip, liquid amber twig, jasmine, winter honeysuckle, elaeagnus, alstroemeria.

What's scented?

Narcissi, winter honeysuckle.