Long live the King!

It's a celebratory weekend so, as well as white 'crown' tulips, we have a special flower tucked into the posies. It's rather discreet so your nose might find it first. It's lily of the valley! A short-flowering season and a superb fragrance, these delicate little frilly cup-shape flowers are so pretty in a shady woodland setting. Once established they grow quite rampantly even on poor soil and seem to thrive on having to fight their way to the surface each year.

I've gone for a red, white and blue theme to help us celebrate the King's Coronation and it was easier said than done as I was let down with the blue iris I'd ordered but in the end I used homegrown alkanet and got a last minute order of bluebells from Flowers by Clowance in Cornwall so, thanks James!

Keep a look out for the spectacular flower display in Westminster Abbey on Saturday by the super talented Shane Connolly with flowers lovingly supplied from Flowers from the Farm growers from all round the country including the Isle of Skye and Northern Ireland. It's a right royal thumbs up for British flowers!

If you'd like to receive a brand new composition of British flowers every time, why not take a look at our British Flower Subscription page.