Platty Jubes!

It's the Platinum Jubilee

I'm looking forward to the extra-long bank holiday weekend. Could it possibly be that we'll even get nice weather for it...

In celebration, this week is a red, white and blue theme. Red thanks to the spectacular red charm peonies and sweet williams. White plus lots of fragrance from the stocks and (white) pinks. The blue was the trickiest as our cornflowers are not out yet but our love in a mist came to the rescue plus bright blue Cornish brodiaea. The posies include a complimentary packet of wildflower mix. These are mixed with a natural substrate to help sprinkle them evenly. You can sprinkle and cover them if you have a spare patch in the garden or if you're out and about sprinkle them on a sad bit of verge.

Next week we will be honouring another flag. This posy will be our second to help support the Ukraine humanitarian appeal with all proceeds going towards DEC. If you'd like to order a blue and yellow posy next week, please click here and select 10th June 2022 delivery date.

BTW, if you're on Facebook, keep an eye out in your feed for our Facebook Competition to win a year of MeadowSweet posies (one a month for 12 months). If you've entered, best of luck. Winner will be drawn on 25th June 2022.