MeadowSweet is supporting Rewilding

MeadowSweet is proud to announce its support for the charity Rewilding Britain by donating 1% of its gross annual sales. 

Rewilding Britain carry out a wide range of activities to catalyse rewilding across all of Britain. They facilitate research, community engagement, influence policy and provide funding for innovative rewilding projects, such as seagrass restoration, tree seeding and carbon capture modelling.

'Rewilding' can be described as the large-scale restoration of ecosystems, whereby nature is allowed to take care of itself. Rewilding seeks to reinstate natural processes and, where appropriate, missing species, to shape the landscape and the habitats within. 

Rewilding encourages a balance between people and the rest of nature providing opportunities for communities to diversify and create nature-based economies and for living systems to provide the ecological functions on which we all depend. It also enables people to reconnect with wild nature.

On a very localised scale MeadowSweet's own flower growing and sourcing flowers from other Flowers From the Farm members helps to increase plant diversity and food sources for pollinating insects. Typically low or no chemicals and artificial fertilisers are used for this. We also source commercially-grown British flowers grown outdoors or under glass using renewable energies to heat their glasshouses. We receive flowers via couriers and we use vehicles and the Royal Mail delivery service for our flower subscription deliveries. Despite our efforts to minimise our footprint, we recognise that our flower delivery business does have an environmental cost. MeadowSweet seeks to address this by making a positive impact through its commitment to support Rewilding Britain. 

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