Ornamental lilies can be a great fragrant addition to the garden but, as mentioned in a recent blog post, they are one of the plants that pose a risk to cats. The whole lily plant is toxic but they may be more of an issue than other plants because their pollen is toxic too. A cat that brushes past open flowers with the stamens left on may then lick the pollen off and this can lead to kidney failure. The lilies in this week's posy are not a favourite with the bees but they are less of a risk to pets and tablecloths alike because they don't drop pollen. They are a fabulous showy double lily that loosely resembles a rose, hence the name.

Last night was the last supermoon of the year (when the moon is close to the Earth) and we had a wonderful view of it rising up over the sea. The next few days are also the best time to see the Perseids meteor shower too and we've seen quite a few shooting stars so far.

As the heat continues over the weekend and hosepipe bans come into place we need to sit tight and hope our garden plants have made deep enough roots to find the water.

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