Small is beautiful

Why do we make posies?

Posies are small bunches of flowers, often given as gifts. In the 15th century they were called 'nosegays' and were fragrant to disguise bad odours! The exchanging of posies or 'tussie-mussies' was very popular in Victorian times and flowers were chosen carefully to symbolise heart-felt feelings. 

MeadowSweet loves nature, we love flowers and we love people that love flowers. We think flowers should mean something and make our souls sing. We are disillusioned by those dyed blue supermarket flowers and those faux flower Instagram archways. 

Well, in what is potentially a terrible business model, we like small flowers! We find our customers have a lovely time getting to know our posies, studying their textures, enjoying their fragrance, and even embracing the odd quirky stem! Our Friday posies come with an Information Sheet to explain what each ingredient is and where in the UK it has been grown.

It's also possible to buy larger bouquets of course, if you'd like to make a bigger impact, but we do really love our signature posies! Try us out by ordering a single posy for our Friday delivery.