What is a flower posy?

Why do we love making posies?

Posies are dainty bunches of flowers, often given as gifts. In the 15th century they were called 'nosegays' and their fragrance was used to disguise bad body odours! The exchanging of posies or 'tussie-mussies' was very popular in Victorian times and flower ingredients were chosen carefully to symbolise heart-felt feelings. 

MeadowSweet loves celebrating nature and we love flowers that make our souls sing. Quite the opposite of the imported, dyed flowers you find at the supermarket or the oodles of faux flowers of Instagram archways. 

We love flowers that follow the seasons and keep us grounded. We arrange flowers for people that love being around real flowers, not show-offy ones to impress the Joneses. Our lovely customers get to know our posies, studying their ingredients, textures, enjoying their fragrance, and embracing the odd quirky stem! Our Friday posies come with an Information Sheet to explain what each ingredient is and where in the UK it has been grown.

We do love our signature posies and we hope you will too! Try us out by ordering a single posy for our Friday service with free UK Mainland delivery.