We've got unusual blooms from Lincolnshire this week, such as celosia, snowberry and eryngium. The snowberry is a curious hedgerow plant related to the honeysuckle that you might spot if you're out on a walk at the moment. The berries are often white but the snowberries in this week's posy have a tint of pink to them.

Its official name is Symphoricarpos albus and it's native to Northern America. In the UK it's a popular ornamental shrub and has also made a successful escape into the wild where it's become an important winter food source for quail, pheasant and grouse.

The Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, was given a specimen and had this to say about it: "A very handsome little shrub of the size of a currant bush. Its beauty consists in a great production of berries through the winter, after the leaves have fallen."

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