It's the delicate Leucojum aestivum, aka the snowflake, snowbell or dewdrop! Sadly for my children, we haven't had any actual snow in Bournemouth this week, but these long-stemmed beauties add a spot of winter magic to the posies. Snowflakes are part of the Amaryllis family and can be easily established as a garden patch, providing early pollen for insects in moist soil with full sun or partial shade.

Adults have used the term 'snowflake' in recent years as an insult for children born in the 2010s, implying their lack of resilience. Seeing how children have had to deal with so much change, disruption and uncertainty in recent years, they are probably, as a result, far more resilient than any previous generation! One child from Shropshire, when asked what they thought about being part of the snowflake generation, decided it must be a compliment - "because everyone is different", she said!

Perhaps you'd like to start a British flower posy subscription - because every one is different!