British, Spring flowers for MeadowSweet flower subscription

Spanish bluebells!

It's the start of the season for beautiful bluebells. These are 'Spanish bluebells' and are another introduced species to the UK by those busy Victorians. They are grown on a small-scale as a cut flower and these ones are home-grown from Surrey. As Spanish bluebells have escaped the gardens and are more vigorous than our native bluebell, they can be seen flowering all over in disturbed areas and roadsides verges.

It's important to save our native bluebell woodlands from these imposters. If you fancy bluebells in your garden, it is possible to choose our native variety (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) grown from cultivated stock which can help readdress the balance and eliminate the risk of escapees.

If you love British flowers and watching how they change through the seasons, then perhaps it's high time you start a British Flower Subscription with us today! 

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