Take stock!

Fragrant stocks are back in season thanks to our lovely grower in Suffolk! They have arrived a little later than anticipated due to the cold start to March, but they're worth the wait. It's been lovely to have the scent fill the studio again.

Stocks are a flower crop that does really well in this country and they are often associated with an 'English garden'. They are part of the cabbage family and actually edible, so you could grow them to make a very pretty salad.

We've got an interesting colour combo this week with deep reds and peaches from the hellebores, the stocks, flowering currant and alstroemeria.

What's in the posy?

Laurustinus, hornbeam, stock, alstroemeria, salal, flowering currant.

What's fragrant?

Stock, flowering currant

What's British?

All of it.

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