Thank you Mum

Happy Mother's Day!

It's impossible to thank mothers enough. With young children (and I expect older children!) there's always so much that needs to be done. Mothering Sunday as an opportunity to say thank you and it's always nice to say it with flowers!

Out the window, we have been watching a pair of magpies toiling away, day after day, carrying huge twigs to the top of a tree to make an impressive nest. They've even been helping to trim off the wispy bits of my wisteria! The recent storms must have set them back but they just worked harder! It was a nice visual demonstration of a couple working together to achieve a common goal. Something all parents have to do!

This posy has three lovely varieties of tulips, Neglige - a frilly pink one, Vogue - a double pink, and Sanne - a rare salmon-toned tulip.

What's in the posy?

Tulip, flowering currant, rosemary, ranunculus, eucalyptus, pussy willow, salal, camellia, snowflake.

What's scented?

Rosemary, flowering currant.