The elephant in the room!

Miscanthus grasses are in flower at the moment and these posies contain homegrown Miscanthus 'silvergrass'. The flower spikelets start off reddish and turn silver as they mature. It's almost impossible for it to fail as a plant and so it's handy in the garden and a great addition to the posies adding interest and movement at this time of year.

Miscanthus can grow on poor quality ground and requires no chemicals or fertilisers to grow. A hybrid called Elephant grass grows up to 3m tall and is a great absorber of carbon dioxide and used in carbon sequestration projects. This grass also has a high yield and so it is used as a biofuel.

The posies also feature the first of our beautiful homegrown chrysanthemums. If you’d like to surprise someone in the UK with a MeadowSweet posy next week, please click here