Rusty sunflowers with helichrysum, limonium and homegrown gypsophila.

This one's called pigweed!


Well, I thought it was celosia at first, but it turns out it's actually the closely-related 'amaranth'. I haven't used these burgundy spires before in the posies because I haven't seen them before, but I spotted an impressive metre-tall row of it at Sopley Farm - a nearby PYO farm. The leaves of this plant are sometimes cultivated for food and the seeds can be eaten. Amaranth seeds have been harvested for over 4500 years and were thought to make up 80% of Aztecs energy needs before the Spanish invasion. Today amaranth grains are eaten in a variety of ways including toasted like popcorn, mixed with honey or chocolate to make the 'joyful' Spanish treat called alegria.

We now have rain again after such a long dry spell so hopefully that will cheer up the thirsty plants in our plot.

What's in the posy?

Cortinus, amaranth, sunflower, helichrysum, dill, salal, hypericum, limonium, fountain grass, gypsophila, myrtle.

What's scented?

Myrtle, gypsophila, dill.


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