MeadowSweet Summer British seasonal flower subscription posy

Used by Ancient Egyptians 2500 years ago...


Tucked into the posies are lavender flowers. Give them a little pinch and enjoy their distinctive floral, herby smell. The name 'lavender' comes from the Latin 'lavare' to wash. Ancient Egyptians used lavender as a deodorant and as an ingredient in mummification and Romans used it in cooking and bathing. Lavender was highly prized and buying a pound of lavender in Roman times would set you back a month's wages.

Lavender is used today to fragrance soaps and shampoos and it is known for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Lavender oil is used to reduce anxiety and stress, aid sleep and balance emotions.

Right now is the best time to go and skip through a lavender field. You might have one near you. So if you'd like to balance your emotions, why not take a look on the Visit Britain website to find one!

Just to note that we are not delivering on 29th July 2022 so you will not be able to select this date on the website - hope that's not too inconvenient. Regular customers have been notified to rearrange deliveries for that week. Now is a good time to place your order for next week's delivery.

What's in the posy?

Tanacetum, lisianthus, alstroemeria, lysimachia, ivy, lavender, cortinus, golden rod, euonymus, clary sage. 

What's scented?


What's British?

All of it!

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