What do Primrose, Tulip and Zinnia have in common?


Tulip, Primrose and Zinnia are all girls names but Tulip is also the odd one out as it's the one in this week's posy. Too early for the garden, these bulbs have been grown under glass in Lincolnshire. Double tulips weren't available so early last year so I snapped these ones upp. There's also sensational British lilies from Coles that have at least five buds per stem. I didn't have the heart to cut them down so I hope you don't mind the odd one peeking out of the box.

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What's in the posy?

Tulip, lily, gypsophila, pittosporum, paperwhite narcissi, berried ivy, cupressus, eucalyptus.

What's scented?

Lily, paperwhite, eucalyptus

What's British?

100% British flowers and foliage