What makes mum smile?

A British Flower subscription!

Flowers are the one gift universally found to result in an immediate uplift in mood and a 'true' smile from the recipient. If you're giving Mum flowers this weekend, look out for that smile!

Tucked inside the posies this week is the first of the flowering currant. This shrub is one of the earliest to flower and is really useful to feed those hungry queen bumblebees that have started to emerge from hibernation. Swedish scientists have found they are emerging on average five days earlier than two decades ago, so they need all the help they can get. The leaves and flowers of the flowering currant have a distinctive scent (which I personally think smells really nice!) and the bonus is that this shrub will produce vitamin-rich red currants later in the year.

Also in the posies are extra-special double and fringed tulips that have been grown by Smith& Munson in Lincolnshire. As it's Mothering Sunday this week, I hope you get the chance to put your feet up and spare a thought for all the hard-working mummies out there, past and present, that we couldn't live without.