British seasonal flower posy Winter flowers

Why British flowers?

What's so good about being British?

All our posies and bouquets use British flowers and foliage throughout the year. This can be quite tricky sometimes, but we like a challenge!  Thankfully, in recent years it has become easier to source British glass-grown flowers and plants in the winter months from large-scale growers in Lincolnshire and this helps to keep things ticking along. 

We feel that the natural restriction of sourcing locally-grown flowers helps to ground our compositions and make them relevant to the seasons. There is joy in making the most of what is available at different times of the year. Every week we make a brand new composition and over the five years we have been making our posies we can't remember there ever being two weeks the same!

Typically we select around a dozen ingredients in a single posy to make it visually interesting. As well as flowers, we try to include seasonal references bringing the outside in, such as catkins, twigs or grasses.

If you would like to celebrate the seasons with us, we have weekly, fortnightly and monthly posy subscriptions available on our website.

Photo by Lotus Photography UK

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