Why does MeadowSweet arrange your flowers for you?

Before we wrap and pack our MeadowSweet posies for UK deliveries, our flowers have been expertly conditioned and arranged into our signature 'spiral-bound' short-stemmed bouquets (we call them 'posies') by trained florists and the cut stems are specially-wrapped to stay hydrated for their journey. In this way, we are different from other online flower subscription services who typically send loose, dry stems for customers to assemble themselves.

It seems to us that the creative work of experienced florists has been pushed aside in recent years by many of these next-day and letterbox flowers, where speed and cost-cutting has removed what we feel is the most important aspect of flower presentation. You may have had first-hand experience of being sent a box of flowers by post only to be disappointed to find them arrive dehydrated, floppy and in need of conditioning (e.g. removing lower leaves) and a far cry from the glossy picture that was advertised.

We take pride in arranging the flowers beautifully and with care for every one of our lovely customers so that the flowers arrive in perfect condition and ready to be displayed and enjoyed.

We also ensure that we arrange our British-grown flowers so that they are a perfect fit for the glass jar provided. This is also very important to us as we believe flowers lose a lot of their impact if they are arranged badly and displayed in the wrong size vase.

Independent florists have had a lot to deal in recent years, what with the erosion of the High Streets and the impact on the market share of supermarkets and internet giants. Then, of course, there's Brexit, lockdowns and the cost of living crisis. Plus don't forget wars, unpredictable seasons, floods and droughts exacerbated by climate change which are affecting the success and price of flower crops just as much as food crops.

So, at MeadowSweet, we want to celebrate the skill and creativity of trained florists. The more posies you buy, the more trained florists we can employ! Our posies have another advantage of using the best of what's in season and so each week they are a brand new composition. This keeps things interesting and avoids the 'painting by numbers' floristry (#boring) associated with repeating the same bouquet over and over again.

How else is MeadowSweet different from other UK flower subscription services? Well, don't forget, we only use exclusively British-grown flowers and foliage throughout the year. This makes our arrangements locally-sourced (good for the carbon footprint) and seasonal, so that they become a gentle reminder of what's going on outdoors and a celebration of the natural diversity of British-grown flowers.

If that sounds like your kind of flowers, do take a look at our British flowers and our subscriptions on our website.