British seasonal Easter flowers, tulips, hyacinth, bluebell

Yo shorty!

Small is beautiful...

These gorgeous homegrown tulips only just grew tall enough for me to use - a benefit of making posy-sized arrangements! Most tunnel-grown tulips keep growing once cut and perhaps these outdoor ones might also grow a little taller in their vase - keep a look out!

We've also got some lovely Cornish scilla ('bluebells') for the first time this season as a treat for Easter. Talking of which, it's about time for our native bluebells to come into flower. Perhaps you might see some over the Easter weekend.

What's in the posy?

Hyacinth, stock, double daffodil, alstroemeria, scilla, silver ragwort, brachyglottis, tulip, pittosporum, eucalyptus, rosemary, diosma hirsuta.

What's scented?

Hyacinth, stock, rosemary, eucalyptus.

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