Delivery FAQ

Where do you currently deliver? Right now we are focusing on our local community so we deliver to Bournemouth, Christchurch, Ferndown and Poole.  We are always expanding and will be in your area soon so please join the mailing list to find out when.

What if I’m not in when my delivery arrives? We are unable to provide a time-slot for your delivery at the moment, so we will ask you to let us know a safe place that we can put the box that’s cool and out of the sun. The flowers are in water so should stay nice and fresh until you get back.

Billing FAQ

When do I get charged?  If it is your first charge (or a gift charge) you will be charged on the day you buy the product.  If it is a recurring charge (in other words every one but your first) you will fall in to our Friday for the following Friday billing cycle.  Which means you pay on Friday and your posy gets delivered on the following Friday.  But in fact the charge is actually applied early in the morning on the Saturday.

Can I cancel at any time?  Absolutely.  Simply email sam@meadowsweet.co.uk and we will process your cancellation at the very next renewal.  Unfortunately, if you are already within 7 days of your next delivery we will not be able to cancel that one as we will already have ordered your flowers from our suppliers.

We operate a Friday for the following Friday billing cycle to give us time to find and arrange your beautiful posies.

What if I have a monthly subscription?  Well the same rules apply.  If you want to cancel a delivery on a Friday you must do so before the preceding Friday.  

Can I start at any time?  Yes, the sooner the better!  All you need to bear in mind is it takes us the better part of a week to source, arrange and deliver your posies.  That means you have to order by Friday midnight for delivery the following Friday.

Gifts FAQ

My relative is in a care home. Would this service be suitable for them? Yes, just double-check the establishment is happy to have fresh flowers in the rooms. We think MeadowSweet makes a wonderful gift. What better way to bring cheer, fragrance and sense of calm to a room.

Can I buy MeadowSweet as a present for someone? Yes, absolutely.  We have a series of gift options which you are welcome to choose from and if there's nothing that quite meets your needs just contact us and we can sort something out for you.  Our only condition at the moment is the gift recipient must live in one of the areas we deliver to.

Business FAQ

I own a B&B and holiday rentals. Does MeadowSweet deliver to places like us? Yes, we are happy to provide fresh flowers for B&B rooms and holiday rentals. In fact, we think it’s a great idea!

I'd like MeadowSweet for my business and for my home. Can MeadowSweet arrange this? Absolutely. Simply create two separate subscription purchases on the website (they each have their own delivery address) and you can manage them from a single account.

Can I reclaim the VAT on my posy? No. MeadowSweet is not VAT Registered and does not charge VAT on its products therefore there is nothing to reclaim.  Helpfully we have added a tax line to our invoices showing zero tax applied to the product price in the event you need this for your accounting records.

The Posies

How big is the posy, it's hard to tell from the pictures?  To give you a better idea, posies stand approximately 11" tall in their vases and the flower display is approximately 8" in diameter. They are delivered in boxes that are 12" by 9" by 9".

Can I go for a bigger or smaller sized posy? At this time, we just have one posy size. Do let us know your suggestions though please.  Sophie would love to hear them.

Can I choose what colours I get? We're afraid not, as posies are using seasonal mixed blooms, the varieties and colours of blooms will change each week. We are unable to stick to particular colours but we do make sure they always look pretty and we think variety is the spice of life!  

Why does MeadowSweet use British flowers? We love to use British ‘grown not flown’ flowers because they are not pushed to be grown out-of-season and they don’t have far to travel. This reduces the energy needed to grow the flowers and to get them to you. British flowers are often softer, more fragrant flowers that, we think, have much more natural charm and beauty than flowers grown sturdy enough to endure a long journey and have a long shop shelf-life. The environmental benefits of buying British flowers is their reduced carbon footprint and in the provision of increased biodiversity and food sources for our pollinating insects. There are some great social enterprises which grow cut flowers as well as providing support, a calming occupation and income for vulnerable people.

Why aren’t all the flowers British? As much as possible, British flowers are included in the posies. However, British flowers only make up around 12% of the market in the UK at the moment and the vast majority still comes in from Holland and further afield. British flowers are abundant in the summer but the variety in the winter is, understandably, less extensive and so, for now at least, we will need to use some non-British flowers and foliage at times. 

Do I need to care for my posy?  We recommend keeping the water topped up as it will evaporate and be absorbed by the stems.  This will keep your posy fresher for longer.

Other FAQ

Can I return my vases? Yes please, we'd love that and we'll give you a free posy to say 'thank you'! We will give you an envelope. Please rinse out and dry the vases upside down after you have finished enjoying the flowers.  Once you have collected 12, pop them all into the envelope we provided and fill out the details of who you'd like to send your extra posy to (we include a form for that).  Next time we drop off your flowers we'll pick up the envelope and arrange for your gift delivery the following Friday, complete with your special message.  All we ask is that your gift recipient is also in our current delivery area.  

Can I return the ribbons? Yes please. Just put them in the envelope with the vases and return them after you've collected 12 of each.

Can I return the boxes? Yes you can leave them outside for us each week. Alternatively, the boxes are made from 80% recycled cardboard and are unbleached and uncoated. They can be recycled in your recycling bin to go off to be made into new boxes again.

Do I have to have a box?  We use a box to preserve your flowers during transport and it's also useful for keeping them out of direct sunlight if we deliver them and you are not at home.  But, we understand that more packaging can be a burden so if you are in to collect the delivery and don't want the extra packaging we can happily take it away with us.

Do the vases have plain water in them? The water in the vases also contains a plant feed to keep the flowers in tip top condition and help prevent the water from going green. It’s fine to put down the sink but please don’t drink it!