Delivery FAQ

Where do you currently deliver? We deliver to Mainland UK using the Tracked24 Royal Mail service. A two-hour delivery window is provided by email/text. No signature is required and flowers will be left safe.

What if I’m not in when my delivery arrives? The box will be left safe and stem tips travel in hydration gel so should stay nice and fresh until you return. 

Billing FAQ

When do I get charged?  If it is your first order (or a one-off gift) you will be charged on the day you buy the flowers.  If it is a recurring charge, subsequent amounts will be taken on a Saturday for delivery the following Thursday.  

Can I pause or cancel at any time?  Yes you can do this online through your account or email sophie@meadowsweet.co.uk and we will process your request.  If you are already within 7 days of your next delivery you will still receive this order and we will cancel the following one. 

Can I start at any time?  Yes, we take new orders right up until Wednesday midday for delivery that Thursday. This is unless we have already sold out for that week, in which case the next week's delivery date will be available to select on the website.

Gifts FAQ

My relative is in a care home. Would this service be suitable for them? Yes, just double-check the establishment is happy to have fresh flowers in the rooms. Our MeadowSweet posies make a wonderful, thoughtful and environmentally friendly gift and many of our customers have enjoyed sending posies to their loved ones in residential care. What better way to bring cheer, fragrance and sense of calm to a room. They are also a great way to 'bring the outside in' for someone who is less able to get out and about as much as they'd like to.

Can I buy MeadowSweet as a present for someone? Yes you can. You can by a single British flower posy as a one-off gift or choose a British flower subscription for more regular flowers. We offer delivery throughout Mainland UK and deliver on Thursdays.

Business FAQ

I own a B&B and holiday rentals. Does MeadowSweet deliver to places like us? Yes, we are happy to provide fresh flowers for B&B rooms and holiday rentals. Deliveries are scheduled for Thursdays using Tracked 24 service and no signature is required.

I'd like MeadowSweet for my business and for my home. Can MeadowSweet arrange this? Yes, simply create two separate subscription purchases on the website (they each have their own delivery address) and you can manage them from a single account.

Can I reclaim the VAT on my posy? No. MeadowSweet is not VAT Registered and does not charge VAT on its products therefore there is nothing to reclaim. 

The Posies

How big is the posy, it's hard to tell from the pictures?  To give you a better idea, posies stand approximately 30-35cm tall in their glass jars and the flower display is approximately 25-30cm in diameter. 

Can I choose what colours and flowers I get? We're afraid not, as posies are using seasonal mixed blooms, the varieties and colours of blooms will change each week. We hope you'll enjoy this aspect of the service as it's part of the surprise! We are not restricted to stick to particular colours but we do guarantee they will always look pretty and we think variety is the spice of life!  

Why does MeadowSweet use British flowers? We love using British flowers because they eliminate air miles and have been found to have a 90% lower carbon footprint than air freighted ones. As well as homegrown components from our cutting garden, we use flowers and foliage from other growers, particularly those from the Flowers From the Farm collective. These are typically grown without chemicals and can result in increased local biodiversity and food sources for our pollinating insects. We also use indoor and outdoor flowers grown in larger flower farms, particularly in Lincolnshire. These modern glasshouses typically use renewable energy such as biomass boilers, use intellegent LED lighting systems and employ rainwater recycling systems. Some are trialling innovative practices such as hydroponic growing techniques and vertical planting.  Using British year round can be a challenge but it's what makes things interesting and we feel it makes us appreciate what is on our doorstep at different times of the year. It helps us to feel the seasonal change and to enjoy a closer relationship with nature. So, why not "Let Nature in" with MeadowSweet!


Are all the flowers British? Yes, we use 100% British-grown flowers year round in our posies. Sometimes we need to use Irish foliage as well as British. It can be a challenge but that's half the fun and there's always interesting flowers and foliage in season. In the winter months, some of our flowers will be grown under glass by the larger flower farmers. As the year's go by, we are finding new quality growers that are making our life easier when it comes to year round supply British flowers.

Do I need to care for my posy?  We recommend keeping the water topped up as it will evaporate and be taken up by the stems.  Changing the water every couple of days and especially when it gets cloudy will keep your posy fresher for longer. We include 99% biobased flower food in biofilm sachets which will increase the vase life of your flowers by up to 60%. You only need half the content of the sachet for our 500ml posy jars. To be the ultimate star flower-carer you can save the rest and change the water again. Recutting the stems is also a great idea to help ensure the best water uptake.

My flowers keep growing in the jar, what do I do? Certain fleshy flowers, especially spring flowers such as tulips and ranunculus, keep on growing taller when they are in water. To keep the arrangement looking neat, you might like to trim them down. This can be done by holding the bunch at the point where it was tied. You can find out which stem belongs to which flower by gently pulling up the head of the flower you would like to trim to see which stem moves underneath. Pull that stem down and desired and snip it. There you go - you are now a florist!

Other FAQ

Can I return my glass jars and packaging? A jar will ribbon be provided with your first order for you. If you are a subscription customer please keep this to reuse and you can always request another from us if that one gets lost or broken. Both jar with ribbon attached can go through the dishwasher.

Can my jar go in the dishwasher? Yes it can. A simple way to keep your jar nice and clean for the flowers is to put it in the dishwasher. Leave the ribbon on too as that goes through nicely! No dishwasher? Please clean the jar carefully with a brush and warm soapy water. A dash of bleach or lemon juice might be necessary. A clean jar is very important to ensure your next flowers are happy.

Is the transporation gel eco-friendly? Yes it is. UK Mainland deliveries are sent in eco-friendly clay-based gel and this is water soluble and fine to wash down the sink. Please wash off, cut 2cm off the stems and place into water with flower food.