First of the season


There's two dried British ingredients in this week's posy - the heather and teasel. Lucky for us, 'everlasting' flowers are very fashionable these days and, of course, they come in pretty handy as we approach the winter months. Some of my lovely MeadowSweetie customers tell me they enjoy saving and drying components of their posies to make their own long-lasting arrangements. This is a great idea to make the most of your flowers. You could also call it 'mindfullness' and 'me-time' (also very fashionable).
It's time to order our Apple & Cinnamon wreaths. I'm busy squirrelling away ingredients for them at the moment and will be getting cracking with them shortly. I'm looking forward to wreath-making in my new studio this year, as it used to be chilly in the garage!

What's in the posy?

Gypsophila, tulip, box, heather, pittosporum ivy, winter jasmine, eucalyptus, hydrangea, teasel, choisya.

What's fragrant?

Eucalyptus, choisya